Great Hints and Tips from our Own Members

Our members are creative and resourceful and want to share with you some of their tips and hints for better living with an ostomy.

From George C.: George has discovered a mixture that is healing to his skin and has helped him to prevent ostomy leaks. Before he experienced almost no control keeping on his appliance. Now he is changing every two days. His suggestion: Mix equal amounts of Colgate Orabase paste (over the counter) with Protopic Ointment 0.1% to the size of a small green pea. Rub on peristomal skin with finger. Apply appliance on skin. Protopic Ointment costs George $120 and is only available by prescription. Remember, not all ostomates are alike and what works well for one does not necessarily work well for another.

From Ed P. who writes, “I saw an add for pouch covers that looked interesting. What was nice is that the covers are made for your size pouch. You send them a pouch and they make the cover to order. They are made of cotton and have a Velcro tab on the back for a close fit. They wash up very nicely and are very smooth on the skin. The cost is $28 for seven pouches and I think $6 for S&H. I highly recommend them. If anyone is interested in ordering them or getting some information about them you can contact Nordon Ostomy Covers, P.O. Box 780092, Tallassee, AL 36078”

From Eileen who writes, “After having a urostomy for four years my wonderful husband Howard acts as my ET nurse. Never having any skin breakdowns, rashes, etc., on occasion I did experience leakage. This past July he started to fool around with coloplast paste strips. He rolls it and forms it into a washer type ring, places around my stoma, then puts on the ConvaTec one piece appliance. I haven’t experienced a leak since and have gone from five to eight days for a seal. We mainly use a bag with convexity and found that it works well with a one piece appliance without convexity as well. The coloplast paste strips have done wonders for us. I do wear a belt at all times. Thanks”

Editor’s note: For most ostomates it is not recommended that you use a belt unless absolutely necessary. They are uncomfortable and usually completely unnecessary. Putting a frame of paper tape around the edge of the skin barrier wafer ought to be sufficient.