Traveling and Cruising with an Ostomy by Mel Fishman, BOA Member

Just because you happen to have an ostomy you should not let that stop you from enjoying traveling. I have had a colostomy for the past 35 years and that has never stopped me from grabbing my hat and taking off to parts unknown. My wife and I have been blessed to take 32 cruises lasting from only one night jaunts to up to seventeen day vacations. We’ve also taken approximately ten land tours ranging from seven to fourteen days.

To be on the safe side, I always take more than enough ostomy supplies with me for the length of the trip. I make sure that the tour buses are restroom equipped and that all the airplanes I’m aboard have enough restrooms available so that I can change my appliance if necessary.

On cruises I always make sure that I have a chair that fits into the bathroom, so that I can irrigate my colostomy. Also I ask the Cabin Steward for extra towels.
We have been approximately three-fourth’s of the way around the world. From Israel on the East to Bangkok on the West. Alaska on the North and to Chile in the South. We enjoyed every trip and made lots of new friends.

I’m always available at our meetings to answer any travel questions you may have. Don’t allow your surgery or unnecessary fears keep you at home. Just go for it and enjoy yourself. I am sure that you will have a great time.

Fondly, Mel