Hints and Tips from BOA members

Our wonderful member Cy K. wants to pass on a wonderful helpful hint. He writes, “After my recent surgery, I noticed my stoma was growing in size and it was upsetting me. My surgeon said it wasn’t uncommon. What disturbed me was the fact that I was using a great product, ConvaTec’s Stomahesive Strips, which could no longer serve my purpose as it works for stomas up to 1 3/8″. If larger than that you either have to stretch the strip, which could then break into two pieces and is very annoying, or use two strips which is wasteful.

My ET nurse (she is the greatest) Marietta Glazer, introduced me to the Hollister’s SoftFlex Skin Barrier Rings. I think they are the greatest. They come in sizes (inside dimension) 3/4″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ and fit like a glove. They stick like glue and come off like a charm. I highly recommend this product for stomas 1-1/2″ and larger and for smaller stomas as well. Try it… you will love it.” Thanks Cy for your great product review.

As your editor mentioned in last month’s issue of the Broward Beacon, it is often our own members that discover the best helpful hints. This month Carol L. has a great suggestion to keep the romantic aura intact during intimate moments.

Hypafix, Item #4210 by Smith & Nephew, is a Dressing Retention Sheet that comes in a 4 inch wide by 10 yard roll. It is like a gigantic roll of paper tape. Carol cuts it into a 4″ by 8″ strip (approximately) and snugly tapes (thus hiding) her entire emptied appliance to her abdomen when being romantically inclined. This large white dressing holds everything put and out of the way. Thanks Carol for the sample you gave me. Ren and I really appreciate it! A roll costs approximately $20.

Carol also has a great idea to help with bleeding stomas. At pet stores you can purchase a yellow powder called Kwik Stop which is on the market to stop bleeding when clipping your bird’s nails. Carol puts a small amount of the powder on the end of a Q-tip and applies it to her bleeding stoma. Bleeding stops immediately. Of course, as with any medical suggestions you find in this publication, check with your doctor first to see if this may be a good solution for you.